What Is Voluntary Excess In Car Insurance

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What Is Voluntary Excess In Car Insurance

Posted by Brallier Adelise on Thursday, 5 December, 2019 21:22:20

Voluntary excess is an extra amount beyond the compulsory excess amount that a person agrees to pay if a car insurance claim is made on the policy. The amount of voluntary excess that is selected is a major factor in the cost of the policy.

A voluntary excess can be used to help reduce your insurance premium and to gain cheaper car insurance. By increasing the voluntary excess you will normally receive a cheaper quote, the downside to this is that in the event of a claim the voluntary excess in addition to any compulsory excess can work out to be expensive.

Voluntary excess: This is an optional amount you can add on top of the compulsory excess to reduce the price of your car insurance premium. These two amounts are often combined into one excess amount when you get a quote, but not always so check the policy carefully.

ALA Car Excess Insurance covers both the voluntary and compulsory excess charged by your comprehensive motor insurer if you make a claim. Prices start at just £20.00! Policy term is 12 months with cover available up to £1,000.

Voluntary excess. You agree to pay this amount in addition to another excess, perhaps in exchange for a cheaper monthly premium. Age/ inexperienced driver excess .

Most insurance policies have a standard excess or a voluntary excess. The standard excess applies to every claim, while voluntary excess is chosen by you and can reduce your premium. If selected, this nominated higher excess will replace your standard excess.