What Is Cheap Car Insurance In Florida

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What Is Cheap Car Insurance In Florida

Posted by Breaux Albert on Wednesday, 11 December, 2019 03:57:26

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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Florida According to the Zebra, a private auto insurance research and comparison service, the three cheapest overall auto insurance companies in Florida are

You'd think Florida auto insurance would be really cheap because the minimum requirements are so low. This is not the case. Florida is the sixth most expensive state for car insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The average driver pays $1,140.84 per year.

The Florida FR44 Non-Owner policy will always be the cheapest way to go since the insurance company doesn't have to cover the cost of replacing a car. For a more detailed explanation of Florida FR44 Owner and Non-Owner policies, visit our Owner vs. Non-Owner page .

GEICO is one of the biggest auto insurance providers in the country. And with annual premiums, for a one-car family, being on average $1.675.21*, it's the 2nd cheapest for families with teen drivers.

Florida drivers must have property damage liability coverage with a minimum limit of $10,000 on their car insurance policies. Drivers in Florida must also carry personal injury protection with a minimum limit of $10,000.