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Hastings Direct Home Insurance Reviews

Posted by Boutte Adalyn on Wednesday, 11 December, 2019 00:09:17

Home policy information. Here you'll find all the information you need to know regarding your home insurance policy. › Acceptance criteria. Find out what you need in order to get an online quote for home insurance with Hastings Direct. › Insurance policy documents

Reviews.co.uk doesn't review Hasting's home insurance service specifically, but rather Hastings Direct as a company. The overall rating for Hastings Direct here is 3.06 out of 5, with 37% out of over 1400 reviewers giving the company 5 stars, and a further 13% giving it 4 stars.

Hastings Direct was founded in 1997, UK. Hastings Direct is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world and they will help you in case of an accident or injury. If you want to get information about Hastings Direct, details below.

Pros. Hastings is growing rapidly which means there are lots of opportunities to get involved and contribute. Because we've grown from a small company to a large one so quickly, there's still a really friendly feel all over the offices, despite our size, and everyone always launches themselves at a challenge.

3.44 / 5 Good overall rating Hastings Direct reviews written by our Smart Money People can help you to find out more about what it's like to have an insurance policy with Hastings Direct. Smart Money People is the UK's independent financial services review site.

AVOID Hastings Direct Insurance & Life Assurance. These are the most incompetent set of people I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to come into contact with.