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Car Tax And Insurance Checker

Posted by Bucher Angeletta on Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 03:40:53

Following on from my last blog, I'm pleased to tell you that our vehicle enquiry service, 'Check if a vehicle is taxed and has an MOT' has now reached live status!. Team effort. It's been a long two years since my team and I set out to get the service through the GDS (Government Digital Services) live service assessment.

Free Car Checks - Vehicle Tax, MOT, Insurance and more Welcome to . The purpose of this website is simple - to provide a convenient way of checking the legal status of a car, motorbike or van from just the vehicle's registration number.

current vehicle tax rate Use 'askMID' to check if your vehicle is insured. Information about registered keepers You must write to DVLA to request information about the current or previous

How can I check if my car is insured? The quickest way to check if your car's insured is to check the number plate with the Motor Insurer's Database (MID). The service holds insurance information of all vehicles insured in the UK. This free search tells you whether the car is insured and will confirm the make and model.

Like the DVLA will, you can check your vehicle has a valid insurance policy on the MID. It's free. Simply enter your vehicle registration number on If you suspect that you have been involved in an induced or staged accident, you should contact your insurer. Anyone who has information on insurance fraud is requested to contact the

Do a FREE check on your own vehicle to ensure it is on the MID (Motor Insurance Database). If you need to check that someone else's vehicle is insured in the event of an accident please use the Other Vehicle Look-up service.